IMPORTANT: Coronavirus - WSC meetings suspended

UPDATE: Because the virus is still active we are continuing the suspension of WSC meetings.

Unfortunately we will not be able to re-open in September as hoped because the situation is still uncertain.

We now hope to re-open in January. We will keep the re-opening under review in line with the situation in the country and the Government's regulations. Stay safe!

Carolyn Micklethwaite WSC President

Updated 6th August 2020

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Wolverhampton Speakers Club (WSC) has been in existence for well over 50 years and during that time has achieved great success in helping people gain in confidence in speaking in public. Wolverhampton Speakers Club is a mutual self-help organisation - a group of people who come together to help each other gain in confidence and learn a valuable life skill.

We are a members’ club that is a self-help group, but based on sound, well-tried principles. We learn about speaking in public by studying and practising all of the basic skills, but at our own pace. There are no exams but each speech we do is evaluated and we are given advice by experienced members. This is how we develop. We are a mix of nervous beginners and experienced speakers - who are keen to pass on their skills.

Members of the club come from a variety of backgrounds and ages but we all share common interest in improving our speaking skills while having some fun at the same time.

We are confident that anyone who comes along to the club and hopes to learn how to be an effective speaker will be delighted with the outcome. That person will be given the opportunity, the support, the knowledge and the feedback in a relaxed, friendly environment - which is the most efficient and enjoyable way to become an effective speaker. It does not happen overnight but it does work.

We are well-known for offering public speaking training in a non-threatening way for people in the wider West Midlands, as well as Wolverhampton, Walsall, Dudley, Staffordshire and Shropshire.

We can help you overcome your fear of public speaking …

Learn to overcome your fear of Public Speaking

Do you …

  • Feel panic if you are asked to speak out loud?
  • Feel too shy to put your point of view?
  • Want to improve your personal confidence and communication skills?
  • Need to speak as part of your job?
  • Have to face that job interview?
  • Have to speak at a function, such as making a wedding speech?
  • Need to speak at any social or business occasion?
  • Just want to try a new hobby?

If the answer to any of these is 'YES' then why not come along and visit us? Visitors are always welcome - come for a night out and see what we do - take part if you wish, but we will not pressurise you. Wolverhampton Speakers Club may be for you!

If you would like to come along and visit us as a guest you might like to view/download our 'Guide for Visitors' - simply click/tap the image shown here to open in your browser.

You might also like to contact us using the email link on our Contacts Page.
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