About Wolverhampton Speakers Club

  • About Us

    What WSC is all about

    Wolverhampton Speakers Club is a mutual self-help organisation - a group of people who come together to help each other gain confidence and learn a valuable life skill.

    We learn about public speaking by:

    • Speaking to the various Exercises that are available to us in our own Guide to Public Speaking
    • Listening to and watching speeches given by members
    • Listening and watching education speeches given by experienced members
    • Participating in workshops
    • Speaking in Topics (impromptu speaking)
    • Participating in lots of other speaking activities
    • By having fun!

    Our system works because there is no substitute for experience gained in having a go, gaining feedback and absorbing experience by listening and watching others.
  • Our Method

    How we go about it

    For our Initial Speaking Course we use a ten-stage programme that is monitored by our Education Director to ensure that all members have the opportunity to develop so that they can deliver speeches with confidence. This programme has been proven to work over many years but is totally flexible and means that new members are able to move at a pace they find most suitable.

    The programme first breaks down public speaking into its basic skills, which you practise in our Exercises, and then gradually puts them back together one-by-one. You then have the opportunity to try for one of our club Certificates in Public Speaking.
  • Our Programme

    Our training courses

    The initial training programme will cover the following skills:

    1. Myself
    2. Speaking to a theme
    3. Constructing a speech
    4. Use of notes
    5. Use your voice effectively
    6. Word painting
    7. Speaking with your body
    8. Storytelling and narrative
    9. Using Visual Aids
    10. Using Humour

    You can see more details

    And after that, you can try our Advanced Skills Course or our Leadership Skills Course. You will also have the opportunity to learn skills such as chairing a meeting and giving presentations.

    While the core of our speaking is following the Exercises we explore other forms of public speaking to add even more variety and enjoyment - impromptu speaking, news reading, speaking to camera … we have a whole boxful of new and enjoyable experiences for you.
  • Why Join Us?

    A very good question!

    'To speak with confidence' is the basic answer - but that means different things to different people.

    Being able to speak with confidence in public is something that almost anyone can do - given regular practice and expert advice in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

    Our members are men and women of all ages and backgrounds who have a range of speaking skills, from experienced speakers to nervous beginners. Frequent opportunities to speak within the club definitely helps us to overcome problems and build confidence. You will be guided by experienced speakers (who have all been where you are now) who are keen to pass on their skills.
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    How to join WSC

    Intrigued? Interested? Tempted? Why not come along and try us out!

    The best way is to come along and try us out - just come along and sit-in for a meeting or two. As a visitor you will be made very welcome - come and see what we do = you might find that it's the thing for you.

    Our meetings are held fortnightly from September to June at 7:30 for a 7:45 start and visitors are welcome at any time.
About WSC