Speaking at WSC

Our method for your introduction to public speaking is to break it down into its constituent parts. For our Initial Speaking Course there are ten of these parts and we learn about them and practise them one-by-one.-we then put them all together for the 'Certification Speeches' that give you one of our certificates. We call these steps Exercises.

We also have Education Speeches where an experienced member of the club will share the skills needed to complete each Exercise, and the pitfalls to be avoided. In addition, we have periodic Education Workshops where we all join together to take a more in-depth look at the techniques of public speaking.

Every member proceeds through the Exercises (see below), each one being Evaluated by an experienced member. This is done in a friendly and non-destructive way and you can learn a lot from the wise counsels of the experienced members of the club. You will be told whether you are ready to move on to the next Exercise in the club's Guide to Public Speaking or whether you would be better off having another try.

Our Initial Speaking Course

  • Exercise 1


    The speaker will, after an initial ‘Icebreaker’, deliver a prepared speech based upon the speaker’s own interests and experiences.
  • Exercise 2

    Speaking to a Theme

    The speaker will prepare and deliver a speech from an approved list of subjects.
  • Exercise 3

    Speech Construction

    The speaker will demonstrate the effective use of a clear introduction, the development of the main ideas, and an integrated and powerful conclusion.
  • Exercise 4

    Use of Notes

    The speaker will deliver a well-structured speech using notes of their choice in an effective and unobtrusive manner.
  • Exercise 5

    Using Your Voice Effectively

    The speaker will demonstrate the effective use of a variety of volume, pitch and pace together with pause and inflection to add meaning or emphasis to the speech.
  • Certification

    Basic Certification Speech

    The speaker will deliver a prepared speech to a good standard that demonstrates the skills included in all previous Exercises.

    Upon success this will lead to the award of the WSC Basic Certificate of Achievement.
  • Exercise 6

    Word Painting

    The speaker will use a wide range of vocabulary and paint word pictures to enhance and illustrate the content of the speech.
  • Exercise 7

    Speaking With Your Body

    The speaker will use their whole body, including gestures, movement and eye contact, to enhance the subject matter and presentation of a speech.
  • Exercise 8

    Storytelling and Narrative

    The speaker will deliver a speech in the form of a story or a narration of events.
  • Exercise 9

    Use of Visual Aids

    The speaker will present a speech supported by the effective use of visual aids.
  • Exercise 10

    Speaking With Humour

    The speaker will deliver a speech to a high standard that uses humour naturally to enhance the subject matter of the speech.
  • Certification

    Certification Speech

    The speaker will deliver a prepared speech to a high standard that demonstrates the skills included in all previous Exercises - the use of visual aids is not required. The speech will normally be evaluated by two Evaluators, who must agree on the outcome.

    Upon success this will lead to the award of the WSC Certificate of Achievement.

Our Advanced Speaking Course

  • Exercise 11

    The Researched Speech

    The speaker will be given a subject upon which to speak that will require extensive research from various sources. This will be delivered to a high standard at the next or a subsequent meeting. The speech must be the speaker's own composition and not display evidence of 'cut and paste' from any source.
  • Exercise 12

    Extended PowerPoint Presentation

    The speaker will produce and present an extended speech, using PowerPoint or other approved presentation software, that satisfies the requirements of good business or technical presentation skills.
  • Exercise 13

    An Impromptu Speech

    The speaker will be given a list of 5 speech titles selected by the Evaluator from a standard list of 20 such titles kept and updated from time-to-time by the Education Director. The speaker will be given 10 minutes to prepare a 5-8 minute speech to be delivered immediately.
  • Exercise 14

    Speaking Without Notes

    The speaker will prepare a 5-8 minute speech to be delivered to the audience without the use of notes, which will be handed to the Evaluator prior to the delivery of the speech.
  • Exercise 15

    Extended Speech or Lecture

    The speaker will deliver a speech or lecture to a high standard with a duration of between 15 and 30 minutes.
  • Exercise 16

    Persuasive Speaking

    The speaker will deliver a speech with the intention of persuading the audience to a particular point of view or to take a particular action, success being measured by the audience’s reaction. Alternatively, this Exercise could be achieved by being a Principal in a Formal Debate.
  • Exercise 17

    Leading a Discussion

    The speaker’s role is that of introducing the issue (2 minutes), leading a discussion on that issue (10-20 minutes) and summing up that discussion (2 minutes).
  • Certification

    Advanced Certificate

    Success in any FOUR of the Advanced Exercises will lead to the award of the WSC Advanced Certificate of Achievement.

Our Leadership Certificate

  • Leadership 1

    Committee Experience

    The speaker will serve on the Club Executive Committee, either as an elected Officer or co-opted member for a period of one speaking year and have made significant contributions to the deliberations of the Committee and have an understanding of the financial implications of committee decisions.
  • Leadership 2

    Chairing a Business Meeting

    The speaker will successfully chair at least one significant business meeting of the club (AGM or SGM) in accordance with the Standing Orders of the Club. Where no suitable meeting is available consideration may be given to substituting one or more Executive Committee meetings in lieu.
  • Leadership 3

    Producing an Annual Speaking Programme

    The speaker, in consultation with the club’s Education Director, will produce a notional Annual Speaking Programme taking into account the Educational needs of the club and of the current membership. The programme will include all activities normally undertaken by the club but may also include innovations.

    The speaker will indicate how progress is to be measured.
  • Leadership 4

    Public Relations

    The speaker will produce (or help to produce) and deliver material promoting the club in the public arena with the aim of raising awareness and driving recruitment.
  • Leadership 5

    Giving a Tutorial or Workshop

    The speaker will give a minimum 20-minute tutorial or workshop, which can involve audience participation, to the club on one aspect of public speaking that the speaker has identified as an educational priority
Speaking at WSC